Sandwiches & Hot Dogs

Joe's Special Sandwich Dog

Joe's Special = $3.05

A Polish Sausage made from our family’s own blend of spices, slice of Swiss cheese and pickle, mustard on rye bread.

Salami = $3.45

A generous slice of our salami, a tasty blend of hickory smoked USDA beef and pork with delicate spices. 

Liverwurst = $3.35

Egg Salad = $ 3.25

Cheese = $2.25

Hot Dog = $2.50

Schooner and a sandwich

"The kind of place with frosty glasses, wholesome beer, and a small yet tasty menu. You've read about the eggs, the incomprehensibly delicious split-pickle/hot-dog/mustard on rye, but did you know there are secret menu choices you can order? Perfectly coincides with its speak-easy past. Psst! Ever wonder why the storefront boasts sandwiches and root beer only? That dates all the way back to prohibition days. In fact, little has changed."